Impactmedia’s Corporate Social Responsibility politics are based on three main pillars: social, environmental and economical:


  • We care about our employees: the key is to grow continuously. In 2016 we increased training for employees by 30% in various ways:
    • Languages
    • Sales
    • Coaching
    • Software
    • Motivational sessions
    • IT training
  • The Digital Network allows us to spread the message with a high impact rate. That is why we love to help NGOs, including their campaigns in our playlists. Such as:
    • Cruz Roja
    • Hora del Planeta
    • Naciones Unidas
    • Fundación Pasqual Maragall Alzheimer
    • ACNUR “Deja lo mejor de ti a los refugiados”
    • Movember
    • Fundación Aladina
    • TV3 La Marató,
    • Marca la X Solidaria en tu declaración
    • Niño Soldado
    • Fundació Arrels

  • In 2017, a new section of entertainment content will be launched. It will be focused on advising the shopping centers’ visitors on how to make a better use of the natural resources.



We promote environmental conservation through the reduction the consumption of electricity of our outdoor supports, guaranteeing a responsible usage of indoor supports.

  • Reduction the consumption of electricity in outdoor supports

The location of the outdoor supports is strategically chosen: they are installed in under roof areas in order to reduce the environmental impact of electricity consumption. Thanks to this research, in out locations we used high brightness screens that do not exceed 700 cd/m2. So, consumption of electricity is greatly reduced, consuming just a 5% of what a conventional outdoor support consumes.

  • The electrical needed for a 700 cd/m2 screen is 5 times lower than the electrical power for an outdoor support.
  • The temperature that the covered mupi has to bear is much lower than if the support isin the direct sun, because of this and taking into account that the temperature that the screen of 700 cd / m2 emits is also lower than a conventional outdoor screen, we can replace the air conditioning unit with forced ventilation, reducing by more than 1,000w the electricity consumption by reducing the temperature.
  • Supports are equipped with a system that optimizes the working hours, allowing the screen to consume electricity only while the shopping centers are open. They can also customize the schedule according to the different areas..
  • Reduction of electricity consumption in indoor supports.

Indoor supports, as well as the outdoor ones, are equipped with a system that controls the on and off of the screens, allowing us to customize the schedule to the opening hours of each area of the shopping center.

We reduce the technical maintenance time by training our developers and installers in our specific and exclusive installation and maintenance systems. The software manages each support individually, and can also access them remotely. This allows us to prevent possible incidences and minimize failures and technical assistance in the shopping centers as a consequence.

Thanks to this software we are able to monitor each mupi and remote access to the system to perform preventive maintenance. Therefore we can drastically reduce on site repairs and unnecessary visits to the shopping center.

Economic transparency

Impactmedia’s accounts are audited and submitted promptly to the Commercial Registry and we invite anyone interested to consult them.